There is something for everyone in and around Zebula.

Horseback Safaris offer a different perspective for wildlife viewing.


With a myriad of activities from which to choose, Zebula is all things to all people. In fact, there is so much to do that a weekend away may well not suffice and you'll find yourself, like so many of our guests, returning again and again, becoming familiar old friends in the process.


Bushwalks and drives, spa treatments, interactions with animals, quad and horseback safaris, fishing, archery, clay target shooting and tennis.

The list is endless. For the men, we have a fantastic golf course where you can see the various game while you play. Offering way more than the usual 'Touch and Feed' elephant experience; Adventures with Elephants provide unique hands-on elephant interactions, elephant-back safaris, swims on the elephants, starlight safaris, as well as tailor-made activities such as weddings, team building, corporate functions and filming.

The Snake & Reptile Park has a variety of species that are both indigenous and exotic. snakes include species such as pythons, red tail boa, puff adders, cobras and many others. Reptiles include bearded dragons. Breakaway with us at